Fraser Island

It was that time again for Chocco and I to say see ya later to work. This time we’re heading to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world!

We decided to spend a night in Brisbane before taking off back up north towards Noosa. A quiet dinner and drinks turned into a 4am taxi home…thanks Brisbane you were great! So the next morning we dragged our sorry heads up to the Sunny Coast for a crepe at the Caloundra Markets and much needed swim. With our dignity restored we continued up to Point Cartwright in Mooloolaba, one of the best car park views to-date. It was here that we met a photographer extraordinaire and smoking, junk food eating hippy who gave us (Chocco) a crash course in storm and star photography, while I slept.

Prior to our trip Chocco had taken himself a local market and decided it was wise to buy 1.4kgs of goat meat for two people??? You can imagine my response of PURE JOY…so we continued up the coast for a night with Uncle Pete in Noosa for both his stories and goat eating abilities. This left us with just half the goat to take to Fraser Island, oh and the 10 goat sausages Chocco also bought *rolls eyes.

The drive to Fraser from Noosa is one of the best yet. It begins with crossing the river via cable ferry at Tewantin and heading down onto the beach for a solid 2hr drive along the beach of Noosa North Shore to Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach. As long as you do this at low tide it’s essentially a sand highway…doesn’t get much better. Fortunately for our schedule the surf was non-existent so we headed on to Inskip Point to get the barge over to Hook Point on Fraser.

Another 1hr run along the beach took us to a little village called Eurong, we turned in here to make our way to the first camp site at Central Station, an amazing spot set right in the rainforest. Not a bad place to cook MORE GOAT, this time in the form of a curry…to be fair it was delish. It was an early night for Choong and Chocco in preparation for our big walk to Lake Mckenzie.

Day two on Fraser Island and decided to dust off our hiking legs and embark on a 6.6km walk to Lake Mckenzie. It sits in the middle of the island and filled only by rainwater. To get there we passed Basin Lake…the peasant version of Lake McKenzie, made worse by huge goanna eating turtle eggs on the bank YUUUUUCK! Chocco’s reptile fetish resurfaced and I was forced to stand (200 metres away) while he took endless photos and video footage of the murderer.

I don’t mean to brag but we smashed the recommended 3hrs and stumbled upon Lake McKenzie at 1hr 45min! An amazing sight of the whitest sand and the bluest water, only rivalled by Turquoise Bay. After a morning of swimming, snoozing and spying on tour bus patrons we decided to head back, Chocco left it until now to discuss doing the loop back (a 11.9km walk) I was not keen but 6 months into our trip and we still haven’t found a loop for him to do…loves a snake, hates a one way walk track (SEND HELP) so off we went at a lightening pace of 5kms per hour back to camp. Almost 20kms of walking and we hit the sack…after our goat curry left overs of course, at the record time of 7:53pm.

Day 3 on Fraser was right up my alley, sitting in the passengers seat admiring the views of the Fraser Island sand highway as we made our way to Eli Creek. The beaches are the roads here so it’s a strict 80kmph. We arrived at Eli Creek with every man and their dog. Sitting just off the beach it’s the perfect spot to stop in. This fresh water creek has an amazing current to it, so we followed the crowds with our blow up ring in tow and walked to the start of the creek, jumped in and let the creek take us back towards the ocean.

On the way to Champagne Pools we stopped off at the Maheno Wreck, its been unintentionally parked there since 1935 and in amazing condition. Further on from the wreck is Indian Head, the only rock formation on Fraser Island and a beautiful beach full of isolated lagoon’s at low tide. As we continued up to Champagne pools on the northern end of the Island we came across a car trying to pull out a bogged car towing a trailer going no where fast. Bluey came to the rescue pulling them both out…and Chocco nearly married Bluey on the spot. Finally at Champagne Pools we wandered down to swim in the naturally formed rock pools, one of our favourite spots on the island.

As per usual, that wasn’t enough for one day so we decided to race across to Kingfisher Bay on the western side to watch the sunset. Throw in a cheese platter on the run for good measure and I was one happy lady!

Time for a change of scenery, so we packed up our little camp and headed back up to the north end of the island to Waddy Point past Champagne Pools for some beach camping and fishing. We stopped off at Eli Creek again where we met Caz the wormer (yes it’s a thing) this lady could pull blood worms out of the sand faster than I can talk, she even had a worming belt for good worm storage…what a woman. So off we went to Waddy point with 5 of Caz’s worms in storage.

Excited to use our worms, we threw the tent at our campsite and headed for the beach…at 8:30pm, nearly dying of starvation I had to call it quits when all we had caught was a baby whiting and pipis that someone gave us.

A new day and ever-keen Chocco was up at sunrise on a mission to hunt while I gathered up the courage to get out of bed. Early bird catches the worm as they say and no thanks to my 10 minutes of fishing and sunbaking, Chocco caught 6 fish!!! I really came into my own when we ate them for lunch.

While I tried to be a good wormer for Chocco, rubbing dead fish carcass into the sand and then having to touch worms is not my idea of fun. So with our bait supplies exhausted (where’s Caz when you need her) we headed for Wathumba Creek for the morning. Picture perfect doesn’t do it justice this place is unbelievable. A relaxing morning by the creek you say? Chocco dons his wetsuit and snorkel on the hunt for more fish…but yes I floated around in my blow-up ring. Wathumba is best on high tide, the change as the tide rushes out is incredible. No more blue water, it begins to resemble an actual creek so we took off for Sandy Cape at the most northern tip of the island, decided the lighthouse was too far to walk up so we turned around and headed back to camp.

Our last day on Fraser Island, we packed up camp and slowly made our way back down the coast towards Hook Point to catch the last ferry off the island. Time to head back to Uncle Pete’s and get ready to fly up to the Whitsundays! We’re sailing a yacht down to Brisbane…wish us luck.



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