The Dampier Peninsula

Time to hit The Gibb River Road…via the Dampier Peninsula, plans are made to be broken right? So off we went to Gumbanan Bush Camp, an aboriginal community stay right at the top of the peninsula near the community of One Arm Point. In true Choong and Chocco style we didn’t get our shit together and we absolutely had to stop for a swim at Middle Lagoon on the way up, Chocco also saw guys spearning fish here last year…so naturally we had to check it out.

This meant driving up to Gumbanan in the dark, and what a sight! We had to driving through burning off areas…I would call these RAGING BUSHFIRES, no one but me seemed concerned.

We spent the next two days fishing, swimming, exploring and making sure to flush before sitting on the toilet…it’s the preferred hiding place of green frogs, not my favourite thing about them! Chocco caught us a Trevally for lunch and I caught a 5cm Trevally which fell off the line when I yanked it out the water with too much excitement…I’m really built for eating not catching fish.

While I love a sleep in, here is the place to get your ass out of bed and watch the sunrise it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Our last morning on the peninsula was spent with Bundy our Aboriginal mud crab-finding expert…I mean cultural tour guide. Highlights of this was Chocco diving hand first into a hole to grab THE BIGGEST mud crab we’ve ever seen…the man is persistent, and me getting told off for dragging my spear (I was so hungry after 4 hours of walking I could barely carry my own arms). So with our bellies full of mud crabs and oysters and a swim at Lombadina beach we were en route back to Broome to restock AGAIN, oh and have one last dinner from the Matso’s Curry Hut.

Sunday morning and we were all ready to hit The Gibb bright and early, we just needed to get 2x breakfast crepe’s, 2x green smoothies, share a nutella banana crepe, look around the courthouse markets, replace the pair of thongs I left at Lombadina, fill the gas bottle, compulsively buy a crappy fitting mossie curtain and fill the water tank. So we hit the road at 1pm, gunning it for Windjana Gorge. Some things will never change but that’s all part of the adventure!

2 thoughts on “The Dampier Peninsula

  1. Love love love all the photos and updates!!! U are both looking chocco. 👲🏿
    Amazing sites ❤️


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