We Actually Left Perth!

Perth to Exmouth…the first leg of the trip! We are heading north, no simple feat. For all those family and friends that had to deal with us while we got the car ready to take off, sincerest apologies. Shout out to Denise who’s driveway looked more like a workshop in Osbourne Park than a home for a month.


This is a part of the coast we are very familiar with, travelled many a time and yet still CANNOT stick to a timeline…a recurring theme in our travels but one of the best parts about doing it all in Bluey. So in true Choong and Chocco style we made it about 2 hours in our first day to Jurien Bay to visit Carter (fellow troopy owner and cutter of plywood required for the water tank). We camped out at Sandy Cape and celebrated Chocco’s dirty thirty with a morning nudie swim and a drive to Gero to visit H and pick up the new swag.

Two things (the only two things) I’m not good at, timelines and decisions. Insert a two day debate on whether we should go to Steep Point *rolls eyes. We did, and it was bloody brilliant! Do yourself a favour and go there, its beautiful and great for swimming, fishing and taking a wanky photo at the sign NB: not that wanky, if you can survive the corrugations to get there without breaking your femurs you deserve the photo! Side note, this was also a very peaceful time for Chocco as he couldn’t hear me talking so I had to stop for 30 minutes (I nearly perished). Notable mentions to the cutest baby kanga ever, Chocco’s first fish caught with a spear gun and the turtle who came swam with us in the morning.

After another intense hour of debate and much research (could Chocco spear fish here), it was time to head to Shark Bay! Off we went to Francois Peron National Park on a fisho misho, this place was amazing! The red dirt, white sand and turquoise water are everything you imagine Australia to be. That night we ate at the most western restaurant on mainland Australia (we couldn’t be bothered cooking) made of shells from the local beaches, delish. The best thing we did here was get up at sunrise…that was definitely not the best bit, and head to the artesian bath in the national park. Great start to the morning and great if you haven’t had a shower in a few days #lifeontheroad

Finally off to ‘The Bluff” for 4 days of chill time, more spear fishing (Chocco’s new calling) and amazing sunsets. We dabbled in a few road trips to Gnarloo for surf and secluded bays. I had my first surf at Gnarloo and cooked a cake in the camp oven…I think thats a “had to be there” moment HAHA! Notable mentions to the fish that nearly got away and the spear that did, which resulted in a two day search party to find the spear (I’m not even joking) and also to the Moka Pot, an amazing wog invention for making delish coffee while on the road!

Then it was time to leave Red Bluff…the worst! But onto Exmouth with a stop in Coral Bay for a swim.

This is where the adventure ends for 3 weeks while we head back to work. Next Stop Darwin with some amazing detours along the way.

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