Taking A Time Out from Adulthood

Hello world!! More like hi mum and dad…the only people likely to read this, mainly because they have an obligation as parents to care about what I’m doing HA. All jokes aside, this is in fact the main purpose of my blog, to keep the several parents I’ve accumulated, up-to-date with what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been. Now that I’m on a travelling budget, I need to keep my phone bill down (I’ll always be 3/8th Asian).

If the title was not a dead give away, for the next 9 months to a year I’m attempting to embark on mission to avoid adulthood. Travelling around Australia* with my trusty travel companion and VERY STUPID boyfriend Chocco in Bluey the Troopy. Trusty because I don’t know anyone else I’d trust to keep us out of trouble and stupid because even I wouldn’t travel with me unless you were at least deaf.

For anyone else reading along at home, hopefully you find my stories entertaining, educational and if nothing else good material for your daily visit to the potty.

You can thank (or hunt down) Ella, Phillippa and my wonderfully witty patient Clayton for planting this seed in my brain.

Happy Reading x

*Plans aren’t meant to be kept…BUT THATS HALF THE FUN!!!

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